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Cuisinart Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker Review

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Do you enjoy making healthy desserts at home? Cuisinart ICE 60W has all your frozen desserts covered from ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt. It’s one of the best models for creating ice cream for your family, thanks to the one push-button design that makes your life easier.

With Cuisinart cool creations ice cream maker, you can expect a smooth textured dessert, with a delightful taste and the right consistency. This model is user-friendly, reliable, and convenient. Thanks to the paddle speeds, you can whip up your two quarts of frozen treats in 20 minutes.

Key Features 


For better results, first, you need to place the blending bowl in the freezer for 16 to 24 hours before making your ice cream. This process enables your mixture to blend perfectly and give you a rich texture with superior taste.

After freezing the bowl, you can transfer it back to the Cuisinart ice cream maker and add your mixture, place the mixing arm and fix the lid before starting the process. With the simple dial buttons, set your desired speed and wait for your rich, creamy, and flavorful frozen treat. You can also add ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, mint, candy, and other toppings during the process through the plastic lid.


Cuisinart cool creations ICE 60 comes in a sleek and robust design. It’s attractive, with a chrome matte finish that would blend in flawlessly with other kitchen appliances. The ice cream maker weighs 28 pounds, measures 18.50 inches in height, and is 13.38 inches wide. This means it can comfortably sit on any countertop or fit in most standard kitchen cabinets.

 It comes with a double insulated blending bowl for holding your mixture. The bowl has a capacity of 2 quarts allowing you to make enough ice cream at a go. Since it only takes 20 minutes to be ready, you can create lots of it if you’re entertaining your friends without any delays or embarrassments. Make sure when you’re adding the liquids, leave at least half an inch from the top to avoid overflowing.

It also comes with a uniquely curved blender for mixing the ingredients, transparent plastic covers for observation, and allows you to add more ingredients during the process. You can also use the recipe boo included in the package to try out scrumptious recipes of homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

Quality and consistency

Cuisinart home ice cream maker stands out best due to the quality of the finished product. Make sure your blending bowl is frozen solid before starting your procedure if you want great results every time. Also, give the ingredients enough time to mix well to get that smooth and creamy texture.

For maximum results, you can add in ingredients a few at a time with additives and toppings such as chopped nuts, candy, and chocolate chips coming in last.

Avoid alcohol-based additive extracts such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate syrup and consider non-alcohol flavorings for rich, tasty flavors.

Once your ice cream softens, the appliance will automatically turn off. If you prefer hard dessert, transfer it into another container with an airtight cover and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Never store your ice cream in the mixing bowl when transferring into the freezer.

Ease of Use

Cuisinart cool creations ICE 60 is a simple appliance to use. It’s designed with a few touch buttons including the start and stop buttons, speed, and time buttons. You can use the buttons to set the speed and start or stop the process whenever you want.

The smart ice cream maker will turn off when time is up, depending on the button you selected when starting the process. Note that you can’t change the setting after starting the process, but you can press the start or stop button twice to reset the time.

Once the processing time is up, the churning stops but the mixture stays cold for an extra 30 minutes and alerts you with a beeping sound every 3 minutes when the ice cream is ready.

If you have any issues or are unsure of how to use the device, look through the instruction manual to help you avoid messing anything up. Make sure you understand the information and handle the electronic machine with care.

After you’re done with the process, clean all the parts thoroughly. The parts are not dishwasher safe but you can use soapy water to wash the mixing bowl, mixing arm, and cover. Dry the parts with a kitchen towel then set them up carefully ready for their next use.

As mentioned earlier, never store your finished ice cream with the mixing bowl. Always transfer the frozen treats to a storage container with an air-tight lid and place them into the freezer immediately.

Check out this video below from Cuisinart themself! It’s an awesome demo video which shows you exactly what the Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker can do!

Performance Comparison 

The Cuisinart brand prides itself on top-tier ice cream makers and customers can’t have enough. With Cuisinart, you get a variety of great products and many to compare according to your needs and price list. Most of the Cuisinart units are similar to some extent.

Our Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker comparison will help you decide which one is best for you. 

If you prefer a bigger ice cream maker, Cuisinart ICE 100 is the best one for you. It makes the commercial style kind of ice cream with ease and precision. With the press of a few buttons, your ice cream is ready in less than 40 minutes. You get the freedom to enjoy a broad range of delicious frozen desserts. The price tag is higher but the quality of your ice cream will seduce your taste buds accordingly.

 If you’re looking for a model with a smart digital control panel, You should consider Cuisinart ICE 30BC. It is similar to the Cool creations ICE 60 in every way including the 2-quart mixing bowl, clear plastic cover, and a paddle. The only difference is the integrated measuring cup that acts as a cover in the opening. That way you can easily add in your toppings and additives as the churning continues.

Since Cuisinart ICE 60 doesn’t come with a timer, you can choose the Cuisinart ICE 70 if it’s a factor you’re keen on. This option allows you to set time for smaller portions and run in less time compared to larger portions. In addition, the Cuisinart models mainly differ in color, timers, and size. 


  • It allows you create multiple kinds of desserts including ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt
  • It has an improved paddle to increase the processing time
  • It has a smart control panel with 3 settings and multiple speeds
  • It comes with an easy lift bowl for neater transfer
  • The machine is sturdy, reliable, and durable


  • It is a noisy appliance
  • The mixing bowl needs to sit in the freezer for 24 hours
  • The lid can sometimes be hard to lock into place
Cuisinart cool creations ice cream maker


Cuisinart cool creations ICE 60 allows you to make all the delicious frozen treats you desire at home. Since the pandemic started, everyone has been forced to stay indoors and all the favorite ice cream shops are closed. With most basic ice cream makers, the texture and consistency are a little off but with this model, you’ll never be disappointed.

This machine comes with a decent control panel with three settings and multiple speeds providing the perfect place to achieve great results. Cuisinart is designed to serve beginners and experts alike with a few simple steps. You can use the attached recipe book to come up with exotic desserts that will impress your family and friends.

This product is designed for durability, efficiency, and reliability serving you a long time. It is sturdy equipment that comes with a limited three-year warranty. All materials are BPA free making it safe for making your frozen treats.

It can handle making 2 quarts capacity enough for entertaining family and friends with your delicious frozen desserts. With the touch of one button, you can have your ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and gelato in 20 minutes. It also shuts off automatically, allowing you to tend to other things as you wait.

Cuisinart ice cream maker is powered by an electric motor that handles all the mixing with the start of a button. You are required to pre-freeze the mixing bowl for about 16 to 24 hours for the coolant fluid in the bowl has frozen solid. To make sure the bowl is ready for use, shake it vigorously, and listen for any sloshing noises. Always check the freezer temperatures read below 0 degrees to speed up the process.

After the mixing bowl is ready, pour in your mixture and press the start process indicating the right time for ice cream, gelato, or sorbet. It’s a good idea to chill your ingredients before adding them to the freezing bowl for better results. After your ice cream is done transfer it to a storage container and freezes for a few hours.

Our Verdict

Cuisinart Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker is an award-winning kitchen appliance with hundreds of units already sold. It is a reliable and durable machine made easy for beginners. Cuisinart ICE 60 is designed for producing high-quality and smooth frozen treats to soothe your cravings.

If you entertain often, the Cuisinart ice cream maker can handle making large portions and can make up to 6 quarts in one hour. The automatic function makes your work easier and you can entertain without dashing into the kitchen every few minutes.

Grab this amazing Cuisinart cool creations ICE 60 unit and prepare all the frozen treats of your choice.

Happy shopping!

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