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Nitrogen Ice Cream: The Magic of Ice Cream Making

Nitrogen ice cream is a new rage and non traditional way to make ice cream. If you want to know more about the science behind the latest and greatest trend in ice cream, look no further! We are about to explain how it works and what you can expect. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, what exactly is it made of, the supplies and equipment you can use, and why this type of ice cream is popular and a must-try for you!

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What is Nitrogen Ice Cream?

Liquid nitrogen is used to cool the ice cream. When it comes to making ice cream, half-and-half cream, sugar to taste, and vanilla essence are all that is needed. In a large steel mixing bowl, combine the room-temperature components, add the liquid nitrogen, and whisk vigorously (wearing good thick gloves and eye protection, of course). To avoid the mix freezing in the bowl, serve it immediately. It takes plenty of practice to get the texture just perfect.

The performance is accompanied by large clouds of fog and some eerie sounds coming from the bowl. It’s surely a big hit with everyone!

How Did Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Became Popular?

If you’ve ever watched a popular cooking or baking program like Masterchef, you’ve seen contestants utilize liquid nitrogen to create ice cream in a matter of minutes. 

It’s not just that you’ll discover how ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen on these shows. A growing number of high-end clubs and restaurants and new ice cream parlors have jumped on the liquid nitrogen bandwagon, too. They use a state-of-the-art nitrogen ice cream machine to make the magic happen. 

How Nitrogen Ice Cream is Made?

Liquid nitrogen is a liquefied gas at sub-zero temperatures that freezes water and food in just seconds. At 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius) boiling point, it can keep the liquid and fat molecule particles relatively small which results to a smoother, creamier ice cream texture. However, liquid nitrogen must be handled carefully as it has a chemical component and very low temperatures.

Why is Nitrogen Ice Cream Better?

There are numerous benefits to nitrogen ice cream. The primary one is that it features a superior texture achieved by trapping air bubbles in the ice cream. Also, it looks great to produce ice cream with liquid nitrogen in a “fantastic cloud of white mist, similar to that used in filming when a director requests fog.”

Safety Considerations

Liquid nitrogen can be dangerous, even if experienced chefs make it look easy in videos. There is a chance of injury or death if this delightful dish isn’t prepared carefully. When producing liquid nitrogen ice cream, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Because of its extremely low temperature, coming into contact with liquid nitrogen will result in painful and traumatizing burns. If liquid nitrogen comes into contact with damp skin, the dangers increase. Therefore, always apply barrier protection. Glasses are necessary because of the tendency of liquid nitrogen to fly and billow in plumes. When pouring or transferring, be careful not to splash it.

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Nitrogen Ice Cream Making Supplies and Equipment

Before you can start making liquid nitrogen ice cream, here is a list of the supplies you will need:

  • A Dewar: The only safe way to store and transport liquid nitrogen is to use a dewar. It is a vacuum flask manufactured specifically for this purpose.
  • Large Metal Bowl: Liquid nitrogen ice cream cannot be made in a plastic or glass container. Slivers of plastic or glass and ice cream mixture will fly all-around your kitchen as a result of this action. The components for making ice cream will require a large metal bowl.
  • Stand Mixer: You’ll need a mixer to combine the liquid nitrogen to produce ice cream. A stand mixer is preferable.
  • Finally, you’ll need your liquid nitrogen to get the job done. Make sure you have a dewar first before you buy liquid nitrogen, or check to see whether the shop where you plan to buy nitrogen from already has it in a dewar for you.

The Magic of Making Nitrogen Ice Cream

Prepare the ice cream foundation by mixing all of the ingredients. All you need are some special ingredients to whip up a delectable vanilla ice cream base: vanilla extract, white sugar, whipped cream, and milk.

Heat the milk, cream, and sugar in a small saucepan until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Then, add the flavors. Using a large measuring cup, pour the cream mixture into the container and add the vanilla essence by stirring. You can make any type of ice cream you choose, so if you get bored with the flavors you’ve chosen for your liquid nitrogen ice cream, you can always turn to a cookbook or the internet for more homemade ice cream recipes and ideas.

Add your ice cream base and churn it in a metal mixing bowl on medium speed. Use a paddle attachment if you’re using a stand mixer.

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How is Liquid Nitrogen Used to Make Ice Cream?

Now, we will talk about the addition of liquid nitrogen, and how it’s used to make ice cream. This is the most exciting, but also the riskiest phase. Liquid nitrogen is about three times as much as the base volume, and it should be dripped in slowly. 

Wearing gloves and a mask is strongly recommended, and adhering to all safety precautions. If you pour too quickly or too much liquid nitrogen at once, you’ll have an icy, unappealing texture due to the accumulation of ice crystals. If you’re not careful, it can result in splashing. It’s good to check on your base now and then to make sure it’s freezing evenly.

Using a torch, the optional heat source comes into play here. Using a blow torch, hairdryer, or another heat source, gradually heat the exterior base of the bowl to loosen any frozen chunks.

You’ll want to serve your ice cream immediately or put it in an airtight ice cream container in the fridge to keep it frozen. For more fun ice cream creations, you can make a homemade waffle cone or pour your ice cream into a bowl and put whipped cream and lots of other toppings.

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There you have it! We have briefly discussed the history of nitrogen ice cream, what it is, how to safely prepare it in your own home, and why it’s getting popular these days.

When experimenting with nitrogen ice cream, it’s nice to keep in mind to heed the various safety warnings and practice the necessary safety precautions to avoid any mishaps. With that, we hope you’ll have fun with your family and friends and start creating delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream at home.