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Tips for Perfect Homemade Ice Cream

Making home made ice cream in the comfort of your own home is becoming more and more popular. For one, you are assured that you are making ice cream with ingredients that are good quality and are clean and healthy.

You can also customize the ice cream that you make with your own mixture of flavors and colors. The only downside, however, is that many fail to come up with that exact consistency that sets ice cream apart from all other frozen delights.

Use Good Quality, Fresh Ingredients

One of the most important determinants in making good ice cream lies in the raw materials that make it. Using the freshest, high quality ingredients will result in a high quality product. If your budget will allow, buy organic milk and free-range eggs. Use fresh fruits and other high-quality produce to produce delicious flavors. In the end, you will be glad with the additional effort and cash that you shelled out for it.

Use More Cream, Less Milk

People who are highly conscious about the food items that they eat might pick low fat and low cholesterol ingredients to make their ice cream with. However, note that fat is actually one vital ingredient that gives this dessert its signature creamy texture. Using more cream and less milk will give your ice cream that extra creamy texture.

Get the Chills in the Freezer

As soon as you have created the custard with a mixture of eggs, sugar, and milk; chill it in the freezer so that it comes to its coldest possible state before you place it in the machine. There are even recommendations of aging the mixture by letting it freeze overnight. It is supposed to make the custard creamier and smoother.

For you to ensure that you make the most use of the ingredients, you should know the right time to add the ingredients as the mixture is being churned in the ice cream machine. It should be added once the custard has cooled down. Otherwise, the flavors will deteriorate and you will not be able to fully taste and savor it.

Be Prepared and Chill Your Freezer Bowl

There are ice cream machines in the market today that come with a freezer bowl. This facilitates the freezing of the mixture as soon as it comes out of the machine. If you have such machine, freeze the bowl at least 24hrs before you intend to make the ice cream. Your ice cream will never freeze if the bowl is not cold enough. The beauty with creating your own ice cream is that you have full freedom on the ingredients that you add in to give it a different flavor or texture. Add mix-ins in small amounts only. It should be enough for the ice cream machine to fully mix it in. Make sure that you have chilled it before you start adding it into the churning custard. An ice cream maker should be able to incorporate it in only a couple of minutes.

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