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Tips for Working with Your Ice Cream Maker

Top 5 Tips for How to Use Your Ice Cream Maker 

1. Preparation is Key

  • No matter what type of ice cream maker you have, preparation is important. Always remember – a pre-freeze bowl needs to be in the freezer overnight to ensure it is frozen solid. If you can, keep your bowl in the freezer permanently so it is always ready when you need it.
  • If the bowl is not frozen enough there is a good chance your ice cream won’t freeze.

2. Fill Your Ice Cream Maker to the Perfect Spot

  • Remember that you should not overfill your ice cream maker – about three quarters full is plenty! It might not look like much but filling it to the top can affect the aeration of the ice cream.

3. Have Your Ice Cream Machine Ready to Go

  • Ensure the motor of your ice cream machine is on before pouring your mixture into the freezer bowl. This will prevent your mixture from immediately freezing.

4. Don’t be Chunky! Little Bits are Just Fine!

  • Your ice cream isn’t a food processor so don’t expect it to chop and refine chunky ingredients. Add your mix ins such as chocolate chips or nuts towards the end. The last minute or two is plenty of time to distribute your mix ins evenly.

5. Your Ice Cream Machine Deserves Some TLC

  • Once you have produced some delicious ice cream, you must remember to look after your machine. Wash all your accessories, paddles and lids according to the manufacturers advice.
  • Ensure your ice cream bowl is set aside to defrost thoroughly BEFORE plunging into hot water. This can damage your bowl beyond repair so please be careful!