Best Ice Cream Maker for Kids 2021 – Mom’s Picks 2020-2021

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Looking for the Best Kids Ice cream Maker? Read Our Reviews to Find out Which Ice Cream Makers are Top Rated of 2020-2021!

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Allowing kids to make ice cream is fun and a great way to keep them entertained during the summer. However, going out to the store for a tub of ice cream does not cut it anymore because every parent wants the best for their young ones. The best way is to get kids excited to make deliciously personalized treats by throwing ice cream into the mix.

With so many selections of kids ice cream makers out there it is not easy to choose the right one. However, we have researched the TOP SIX of the best ice cream makers for kids that would be a great addition to your home.

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Best for Fun

Best Budget Ice Cream Maker

Best Overall

Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

Nostalgia PICM4BG Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-21

1. Cuisinart ICE-21 – Best Overall Ice Cream Maker for Kids

Now, most people may not categorize ice cream as one of the most nutritious treats for kids. There are healthier variations of the favorite summer dessert, and the best way to make sure it is good for the kids is by making it right at home. The Cuisinart ICE-21 comes to the rescue with the ability to help you make frozen desserts in under 20 minutes. Perfect for kids!

The ice cream maker can make up to one and a half quarts of ice cream and comes with a transparent lockable lid with a large spout. It is compliant with North American electrical standards and not suitable for outdoor use.

It contains a removable freezer bowl which means you do need to pre-freeze in advance. The machine itself is easy to operate making ice cream making fun and easy. Simply operate with the On/Off switch and it will automatically churn the right amount of air into the ice cream mixture. This will ensure you and your kids will enjoy consistent, high quality ice cream for your kids every time!

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2. Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

In just 25 minutes, your kids can enjoy their favorite pint of homemade ice cream with the help of the Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball. This ice cream maker combines an aspect of active play and fun to the ice cream making process. Just add sugar, flavorings, and cream in one opening mixed with rock salt and ice on the other end, and voila, you have homemade ice cream within no time! 

The SoftShell comes with easy-open handles accompanied with wide openings making it easy for your kids to add the required ingredients. There is no electricity required for this ice cream maker – only ice and some fun science

Some things to be mindful of though – we have seen a small minority of parents report leaks. Just make sure it is completely sealed before your kids start the shaking process. Also make sure your kids aren’t too rough with the ice cream making process! Yes, the ball is made from polycarbonate which means it is quite durable – but it can break if it is dropped on hard surfaces! 

It is BPA-free, food-safe, and dishwasher-friendly. A recipe book accompanies the product which is about 8.5 inches in diameter.

3. Hamilton Beach 68330N Ice Cream Maker

If you want an ideal way to encourage ice cream making for kid chefs at home, then go for the Hamilton Beach 68330N. Throwback to simpler times and teach your kids a different way of making ice cream. This Hamilton Beach model involves using ice and rock salt. The ice and rock salt is layered between the bucket and the canister. Now the great thing about the Hamilton Beach ice cream maker is that it is still fully automated with no hand cranking involved. 

It can produce as much as four quarts of ice cream in about 20 to 40 minutes. With the Hamilton Beach at hand, you will always be minutes away from making ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet, and custard.

The fully automatic operation makes this ice cream maker as user-friendly as they come. It also takes the intensive labor often associated with the process of making ice cream out of the equation because the frozen treats maker does all the work for you. It is perfect for the whole family!

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4. Nostalgia PICM4BG Ice Cream Maker 

The Nostalgia ice cream maker comes in the simplest of designs making the process of making frozen desserts as easy as possible. The traditional ice cream maker features a classic design with a plastic bucket with a convenient carrying handle and see-thru lids. An electric motor does all the churning taking the manual labor out of the process.

If you are looking for an easy way to make ice cream, Nostalgia also make pre-made ice cream mixes that can be used perfectly with this machine. Alternatively you can try one of the many recipes that comes with the ice cream maker. 

This Nostalgia ice cream maker makes up to 4 quarts of ice cream which means you will have plenty for entertaining and for your kids birthday party. 

To ensure that the entire process is safe, the motors and parts come locked into place. The components are BPA free.

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5. Zoku Blue Ice Cream Maker

The Zoku Blue is yet another ice cream maker for kids which will encourage them to take part in making frozen treats. The non-electric iced dessert maker comes with a stainless steel bowl, a spoon, and one protective sleeve. There are six color options available, and the ice cream maker is entirely phthalate and BPA free.

We love the Zoku Blue ice cream maker because it makes single servings which is great for portion control or if you have limited space in your kitchen. 

Parents and kids love this ice cream maker because it is easy to use – just freeze the bowl, add your ingredients then stir and scrape with the included spoon. The mixture will begin to freeze, starting from the bottom and sides of the bowl. It should take about 10-20 minutes to get your desired consistency of ice cream. 

The included Zoku summer cookbook gives creative ideas on how to create selections of frozen treats. 

6. Aicok Ice Cream Maker

Everyone enjoys frozen desserts, and the Aicok makes a great addition to the home of ice cream lovers. This device features 6 programs with a variable timer. The kids will love the option of choosing between ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt and even better, dessert is read in less than 20 minutes! The kids can also get creative by adding additional mix ins through the spout. 

Parents will be satisfied with the Aicok Ice Cream Maker because it is easy to clean and straight forward to use. There are also some recipes included in the purchase so you can start your ice cream making adventures at home. 

An accompanying two-year repayment or replacement warranty covers defective devices proving that the brand stands behind their product. Aicok also provide 24hr customer service support. 


With any of these products on our list of the best ice cream makers for kids, you are guaranteed to bring fun into your home. Not only will they encourage ice cream making for kid chefs, but also keep your little ones busy creating personalized frozen desserts.

Most of them are straightforward and hassle-free devices to use requiring minimal supervision for older kids. If anything, every parent could use one of these devices at home to ensure that they make healthy treats at home for their kids. 

Now it is your turn to choose the best ice cream maker for your kids!