The Best Commercial Gelato Machines that your Business Needs in 2021

Adding a commercial gelato machine to your restaurant, café, or pop-up shop can really boost business. Selling high-quality ice cream is always a winner and will keep customers coming back for more! The only challenge when deciding to add one to your shop is choosing a suitable machine. Without reliable equipment, your new venture will fail. 


With so many different gelato makers on the market, it can take time separating the good from the bad. You need to focus on many factors when deciding to find the right equipment for your business needs. If you need guidance in purchasing a gelato machine, this article is the right place to start.

Here, we glide through the essential factors of gelato-making equipment, review the best machines out there and answer frequently asked questions that might be on your mind too. 

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So let’s get into the best five commercial gelato makers that your business needs for a successful year.

Here are our top 7 commercial gelato makers...

Best for Busy Businesses

Best Countertop Ice Cream Machine

Best for Ice Cream Machine for the Kids


Vevor Commercial Gelato Machine

Nemox Professional Gelato Maker

Commerical Mini Italian Spaghetti Gelato Maker





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1. VEVOR Commercial Gelato Machine

The VEVOR commercial ice cream machine is for producing large amounts of gelato which is perfect for any cafe or restaurant.

Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 25”

Weight: 132 Lbs.

The powerful 1400W gelato machine by Vevor is big enough to produce large amounts of gelato, which is perfect for restaurants and cafés. It’s a great investment that delivers returns in only a few weeks, thanks to its large capacity allowing you to make a 20L batch of gelato to last you the whole day (dependent on how popular it is!) within an hour. 

This machines’ multi-purpose feature allows you to get creative and make four different ice cream shapes with 100% control over what goes into it. You can also control the taste, hardness, and temperature of each batch. 

Vevor kept the maintenance and use of this gelato machine convenient. An LED display makes the production practical and straightforward, while a one-click self-cleaning button ensures that you only need to add water before the machine cleans itself within 3-5 minutes. Besides being easy to handle and clean, the machine uses replaceable parts for a quick fix when one breaks. 

Made from stainless steel and copper, this machine is durable and sturdy. It’s one of our budget-friendly choices, so if you’re a new café, bar, or pop-up shop owner, consider this an excellent investment! 

Vevor also have a large range of commercial ice cream making machines. Check out our review of the Vevor commerical soft serve machine here. 

2. H&M HM10 Commercial Gelato Ice Cream Batch Freezer/Gelato Machine

Dimensions: 19.49 x 54.33 x 33.46”

Weight: 659 Lbs.

H&M designed this commercial gelato machine for the production of high-quality gelato at busy businesses. It has a massive 10L capacity and loads of different features to help you create many cold treats.

Operating this beast of a machine is extremely easy despite its versatile system. While all programs to create artisan gelato, fruit cremolata, ice cream, and sicilian slush are built-in, you can control the hardness and temperature to modify the final consistency as you go. Once you’re satisfied with the new parameters you experiment with, you can input them for an automatic future process. 

Cleaning the H&M commercial ice cream maker is easy, and you or any of your employees will be able to disassemble and wash it in minutes! A built-in rinsing spigot speeds up flavor changes decreasing your production time. 

Creating cold treats with this machine is a win for any business, thanks to its high-performance agitator and blades, ensuring the most delicate textured desserts. While it may be out of your reach, saving up for this machine will be worth it!

This machine also boasts the latest technology with its Hardness-Temperature-Control-System (HTCS). This technology standardizes the gelato making process by allowing you (or any of your workers) to create high quality gelato every time.

3. Commercial Mini Italian Spaghetti Gelato Maker

Fun, quirky, and unique are three words that come to mind to describe this mini ice cream-making machine. If you want to add some fun to your gelato, this is a perfect pick. Whether you have a café or ice cream bar that’s known for being unique or your target customers are kids, serving gelato from this machine will put a smile on anyone’s face.

This commercial gelato maker only has a 420ml capacity, making it compact and extremely easy to clean. While you may need to complete a few batches if this noodle-shaped gelato becomes popular, doing so will be absolutely worth it. 

At its affordable price, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in this mini ice cream machine for your business. Its yellow color will also add a bonus sprinkle of happiness to your storefront!

4. Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Maker Single Flavor Gelato Machine

Want to make single flavored gelato like cones, sundae and cyclone type ice cream? This commercial gelato machine is the best option for you. It has a German engineered high performance compressor and has a generally low running noise which will not interfere with the ambience of your shop front. With a cylinder quantity of 1.5L you can keep your customers coming back for more by adding plenty of variety to the gelato flavors you have to offer. If you are looking for a gelato machine for your business that makes soft, smooth and creamy gelato then you should consider this commercial gelato maker.

5. Lello Musso Pola Dessert Maker

Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 12.25”

Weight: 69.3 Lbs.

Made from stainless steel, this compact dessert maker has an aesthetically pleasing modern design making it suitable for any home kitchen or business. Within 20 minutes, you can create a 2-quart batch of your favorite frozen desserts to serve to your loved ones or customers as an option on your menu.

With this machine on hand, you can create ice cream, gelato, fruit sorbets, frozen drinks, frozen yogurt, and sweet sherbets. It has a self-contained mess-free freezing unit that requires no salt or ice. 

The stainless-steel housing and blade ensure durability, and this machine’s robust refrigerating system allows you to reach professional results without pre-cooling. If you need a compact, easy-to-use cold dessert maker, the Lello Musso Pola is a great option. 

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6. Kolice Commercial Gelato Maker

Dimensions: 20.47″x27.95″x53.74″

Weight: 440 Lbs.

When they say go big or go home, they mean you should purchase this commercial gelato maker by Kolice! Kolice has long been known as a leader in manufacturing cold dessert machines suitable for use in bars, cafes, restaurants, and more. With this machine, they once again live up to their name. 

With this gelato maker, you can customize each creation, whether that be by adding small chocolate pieces, biscuits, or even fresh fruits to the machine. A touch control panel, timer setting, and automated system make this machine easy to operate while protecting against overload. 

Made from food-grade stainless steel and fitted with double Panasonic compressors, this machine is sturdy, durable, and precisely what your business needs when serving ice cream regularly. 

7. Nemox Professional Gelato Maker

Dimensions: 13 x 18 x 13”

Weight: 54.6 Lbs.

Within 20 – 30 minutes, you can produce 1kg of gelato with ease using the Nemox Professional gelato maker. Once it reaches its 5L capacity, it will store your preparation at the right temperature until you’re ready to use it.

The Nemox machine is made from stainless steel for guaranteed hygiene and durability. It has a magnetic safety device that automatically stops the paddle when you lift the lid to ensure your safety. It automatically stops the production process and switches to its storage function when it reaches capacity.

Advanced software on this machine allows you to control your gelato and ice cream density with ease. Maintenance and cleaning are easy to uphold, and direct support from Nemox ensures that you have answers to any machine-related questions you might have.

With this gelato maker from Nemox, you’re assured of quality, durability, and production of professional cold treats!


  • 1 x Gelato Maker
  • 1 x Removable Bowl
  • 1 x Paddelscraper
  • 1 x Measuring Cup
  • 1 x Spatula

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Gelato Machine

Style: Before deciding on a machine, it’s essential to consider the type of cold dessert you’d like to make. While an obvious choice would be a machine that can produce high-quality gelato, having the option to make rich ice cream, sorbet, or even slushies will draw in even more profits. 

Capacity: If your setup is small, you’ll be able to get away with a compact ice cream maker. However, a café or restaurant will need a much bigger machine dependent on its traffic. The last thing you want is to turn customers away because you can’t meet their demand. 

Size: Besides the capacity your machine can produce, you also need to keep the machine’s size in mind. A gelato maker can quickly make a space look overfilled, ensuring you have a nice spot to place your chosen device. 

Cooling Method: Another feature to keep in mind is whether you want an ice cream maker that uses air or water to stay cool. 

Questions to Ask and Answer Before Purchasing a Commercial Gelato Maker

  1. Is this gelato machine suitable for my setup?
  2. Does this machine use single- or three-phase power?
  3. Does the machine require a water supply or drainage point?
  4. Is this machine water- or air-cooled?
  5. How is this machine cleaned, and are any specific cleaning products required?
  6. How easy is this machine to maintain, and can I quickly get parts in case of an urgent repair?
  7. Does the manufacturer offer any warranty?
  8. Why do others recommend this machine?

Whether you have a pop-up shop or own a big restaurant, one of the machines we reviewed is sure to fit your needs. Planning to add gelato or ice cream to your menu can be an exciting step, and investing in a quality machine will put you ahead in the game. We hope our guide has provided helpful information regarding what you need to consider before purchasing a gelato machine for commercial purposes.