The Best Commercial Gelato Machines that your business needs in 2021


If you are looking to grow your cafe or restaurant business then you should consider adding a commercial gelato machine to your store. There are many different gelato makers on the market so it is important to choose the right machine for your business. Ideally you need to consider the gelato machine brand, its size, cost, production capacity and of course the quality of the gelato!

Adding a commercial gelato machine to your business will further build your brand and offer your customers something new which will keep them coming back! 

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So let’s get into the best five commercial gelato makers that your business needs for a successful year.

Here are our top 5 commercial gelato makers...

1. VEVOR Commercial Gelato Machine

The VEVOR commercial ice cream machine is for producing large amounts of gelato which is perfect for any cafe or restaurant. The larger quantities means you should only need to make one batch per day (although of course this depends on how popular you are!) It only takes 15-20mins to make a batch of gelato which means it will save you time so you can focus on other important things in your business. It comes with some amazing features including a high quality compressor, replaceable parts and the machine is easy to handle.

This commercial gelato maker has a LED display which helps to control the quantity, hardness and temperature according to your needs. This gives you complete control over your ice cream and gelato.

2. H&M HM10 Commercial Gelato Ice Cream Batch Freezer/Gelato Machine

This H&M commercial gelato machine is such a remarkable addition to your kitchen. Whilst it is more expensive, it does boast a load of features which helps it produce high quality gelato. With a massive 10L capacity, it is perfect for busy businesses making commercial quantities of gelato.

It also has a very versatile, multi built in system which allows you to not only produce great gelato but also ice cream, fruit cremolata and Sicilian slush – the perfect option of adding variety to your business. This machine also boasts the latest technology with its Hardness-Temperature-Control-System (HTCS). This technology standardizes the gelato making process by allowing you (or any of your workers) to create high quality gelato every time.

The H&M commercial gelato maker is also fully automated and easy to clean. This allows you and your employees to quickly dissemble the machine for cleaning and then allow you to get back to more importance things in your shop.

3. Commercial Mini Italian Spaghetti Gelato Maker

If you are looking to add a bit of fun to your gelato, then this commercial gelato maker could be for you! Not only will you serve delicious gelato but this machine serves the gelato in a spaghetti shape. It is truly a hit with the kids and adults all round and can help you stand out from your competitors! 

Not only is this machine a bit of fun, it comes at an affordable price (you can check the latest price here), it is compact so as not to take up too much space in your storefront and it is extremely easy to clean. It does only have a 420ml capacity so if you get really popular you may have to complete a few batches during the day.

4. Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Maker Single Flavor Gelato Machine

Want to make single flavored gelato like cones, sundae and cyclone type ice cream? This commercial gelato machine is the best option for you. It has a German engineered high performance compressor and has a generally low running noise which will not interfere with the ambience of your shop front. With a cylinder quantity of 1.5L you can keep your customers coming back for more by adding plenty of variety to the gelato flavors you have to offer. If you are looking for a gelato machine for your business that makes soft, smooth and creamy gelato then you should consider this commercial gelato maker.

Hope this article helps you in selecting best commercial gelato maker for your business.