Top 8 Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers for Home

Walking into a store and buying yourself some packed gelato or creating customized ice creams using the best soft serve ice cream maker – what sounds more entertaining? Obviously, the latter! That’s because having an ice cream machine in your kitchen opens doors to so many fun possibilities:

  • Instead of choosing from limited options, you can experiment with ingredients to create your customized special frozen dessert.
  • There are no time constraints involved, as you can fulfill your midnight ice cream cravings even when no stores are open with the best home soft serve ice cream machine.
  • You don’t even need to step out of your house to enjoy your favorite frozen dessert, as you will have a mini dessert factory right in your kitchen.

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Interested in buying a soft-serve ice cream maker now? Go ahead, but remember that you can only attain the above benefits if you buy a good quality, dependable ice cream making machine. We have compiled a list of 8 excellent soft serve ice cream maker options for you. Check them out!

Nostalgia FDM1 Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

This up-to-date machine helps frozen-dessert-loving individuals create 1 quart of soft serve ice cream in minutes. All you need to do is choose your desired gelato ingredients and let the machine do all the work for you! The powerful compressor and refrigeration system will combine with the automatic sensor to churn the mixture. Once created, the machine will pour the ice cream in a smooth consistency via the dispensing system. Don’t want to eat it immediately? No worries, the Nostalgia ice cream maker can keep the dessert ready to dispense for up to 4 hours.

Easy pour makes serving easyMakes only up to 32 ounces ice cream in one batch
Detachable chamber, drip tray for easy cleaning, and cup rest
Includes a cord storage for convenience and cleaning brush
Powerful compressor and refrigeration system
Automatic sensor
LED control panel
Makes soft serve ice cream in minutes


Featuring the latest technology, and an easy cleanup process, the machine is perfectly adapted for making a 32 ounce serving of delicious soft serve ice cream in minutes.

Cuisinart ICE-45P1 Soft Service Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart’s best soft serve ice cream maker is specifically designed to provide user ease and satisfaction. The machine’s structure houses an easy-lock removable lid, ingredient window to pour contents directly, and transparent top to watch the freezing process. Moreover, it embraces a heavy-duty motor to efficiently churn and dispense gelato, removable components for easy cleaning, and a non-slip base for easy-use. The best part of using this gelato maker is to watch your deliciously creamy ice cream swirl down the condiment chute right into your cone standing upright on the cup-holder.

Easy-lock removable lidA bit more pricey but well worth it!
Ingredient window to pour contents directly
Contains cooling liquid within a double-insulated wall to create ice cream faster
Transparent top to watch the freezing process
Heavy-duty motor to efficiently churn and dispense gelato
Contains condiment chute, condiment container, and cone holder
Removable components for easy cleaning
ON/OFF Power Dial
Non-slip base for easy use
Includes instruction manual and recipe book


This 1.5 quarts home soft serve ice cream machine is the most authentic frozen dessert maker option out there in the market. Its features make usage easy, and the end-result (deliciously creamy gelato) makes the hefty price tag worth it.

WZLJW Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

If you’re looking for an ice cream maker that takes the least amount of effort, the WZLJW ice cream machine should be your top pick. Its fast service makes sure that when you have decided not to wait in line to buy your ice cream, you shouldn’t wait in your kitchen to make your ice cream too!

Experiment with a variety of flavor combinations with this one by adding the ingredients to the mixture directly via an ingredient window. Then let the heavy-duty motor of this best soft serve ice cream maker get to work to deliver you a delicious frozen dessert in minutes. The best part is that the machine is very reliable because it flaunts food grade aluminum alloy liner, anti-fouling, and anti-rust components that can be easily detached and cleaned.

Fast serviceNo warranty
Easy-lock lid with ingredient window
Heavy-duty motor
Components are food-grade aluminum alloy liner, anti-fouling, and anti-rust
Easy to use and clean


While this machine might be expensive, it provides fast service, easy cleaning, and dependable functioning – all of which make it a worthy purchase.

NBCDY Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Make endless homemade frozen desserts using your desired customized ingredients in no time. NBCDY brings you a fantastic ice cream maker that lets you enjoy the sweetest and softest frozen dessert at home. With service this quick and easy, you will ditch buying gelato from a store forever!

This best soft serve ice cream maker features a removable chute, which makes cleaning easy. Moreover, it has a compact design, which means that you can easily find a storage space for this frozen dessert maker in your kitchen. The creators of this best home soft serve ice cream machine also provide after-sales service if you face an issue any time in the future.

Quick and easy operationExpensive
Easy cleaning with removable components
Compact design for easy storage
Provides after-sales service


Satiate all your cravings with this soft serve ice cream machine; it might be costly, but its features, easy-to-use process, and dependable service make it a worthy investment.

DDL Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Flaunting a two-way mixing design, 0.6-liter large capacity, auto-timer, and one-key operation, this best soft serve ice cream maker is your one -way ticket to satisfying all your frozen dessert cravings. This gelato making machine does take comparatively more time to churn the mixture, but perfection does indeed take time and effort.

After a particular time and effort, this home soft serve ice cream machine delivers you a smooth and mellow ice cream that tastes heavenly. While the making process is trustworthy, the cleaning process of this gelato machine is super-easy! All its food-grade aluminum lined components are anti-stick and anti-rust, which means you can clean them in one-stroke—looking for an easy-to-use homemade ice cream maker? This machine might be your best bet!

Two-way mixing designTakes 45 minutes to make one batch of ice cream
Low-speed stirring makes the ice cream more mellow and smooth
One Stroke, anti-stick, and anti-rust components
Safe and easy to clean
Includes an auto timer
One button operation
Compact structure


Out of all the best soft serve ice cream makers in the market, the DDL machine is the most convenient appliance to create delicious ice cream at home. It might be expensive and might take a long time, but the end result makes it a worthy kitchen companion.

ZRXRY Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

The best soft serve ice cream maker by ZRXRY has a 1000 ml capacity, ensuring that you can make an abundant amount of ice cream in one go. It flaunts an easy lock lid with an ingredient window to add contents while the mixture churns. The churning process is also very flattering thanks to the gelato maker’s freezer bowl and double insulated cooling liquid wall. After it’s all over, you can easily clean the machine by detaching and washing the anti-fouling and anti-rust components with tap water.

Large capacityNo warranty
Easy to clean
Easy lock lid with ingredient window
Non-slip rubber feet base to reduce movement
Handle makes it easy to dispense the ice cream as needed


If you prefer smooth, creamy, and rich ice creams, buy yourself this homemade ice cream making machine to never compromise on frozen dessert quality again. While it is expensive, its features make life so much easier.

Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker by JIAJIAFUDR

Another high quality best home soft serve ice cream machine option on the market is here to satisfy all your frozen dessert cravings. It takes this best soft serve ice cream maker about 90 minutes to complete one ice cream batch. However, the slow stirring makes the gelato extra creamy and extra smooth.

Create your perfect ice cream mix with JIAJIAFUDR’s ice cream maker. It features a professional compressor system that asks for minimal effort and provides maximum ease. The intelligent screen and one-button operation of the homemade gelato machine add more to this efficient dessert-making appliance’s benefits.

Refill opening in the lidTakes 90 minutes to create one batch of ice cream
Professional compressor system means no pre-freezing the bowl and no waiting between batches
One button operation


Indulge in high quality, delicious batches of ice cream with JIAJIAFUDR ice cream making machine. It is costly, but it offers incredible benefits that surpass the cons.

MZH Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines


Easily create yummy ice cream with MZH’s soft serve ice cream maker. This is possibly the most fun ice cream making machine on the market as it keeps the user indulged in the process, so they can actually enjoy creating a customized flavor for themselves. The ice cream maker can instantly churn 100 percent fresh frozen fruits into a deliciously creamy batch of ice cream. All you have to do is insert the ingredients into the chute and push them down using a plunger.

After the process is complete and you have enjoyed your customized ice cream, you can easily clean this best home soft serve ice cream machine. The blade, chute, and plunger can be easily washed after use, making this a perfect pick if you’re on a budget.

Not expensiveRequires more effort to make ice cream
Warranty and after-sales service providedThe process is manual, so it can get tricky
Makes ice cream making fun
Easy to clean as the chute, plunger and blade can be washed


If you’re looking for an economical best home soft serve ice cream maker, then Joyevic’s gelato machine should be on the top of your list. It’s cheap, makes good quality frozen desserts, and it is straightforward to maintain.