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Whynter ICM-220CGY Automatic Ice Cream Maker Review

Add a little luxury and style to your kitchen with this Whynter ICM-220CGY automatic ice cream maker. There is no wonder as to why Amazon has listed this ice cream maker as an Amazon Top Pick. With over 800 reviews and an average 4.4 star rating, it is sure to bring some delicious ice cream to your home for many years to come.

This Whynter ice cream maker produces high quality ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet and can be used perfectly on your counter top at home or for your business. Pre-freezing bowls that take up valuable freezer space is a thing of the past with the Whynter ICM 220CGY. It requires no pre-freezing of the bowl so you can just jump right in and start creating delicious ice cream.

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The Most Stylish Whytner Ice Cream Maker Yet!

This Whynter ice cream maker will be the envy of all others with the beautiful style and features Whynter have put together. You can choose stainless steel or go for the luxurious champagne gold. Combined with a soft touch LCD control panel, your new appliance will stand proud on your kitchen counter.

Whynter Ice Cream Maker Functionality

The Whynter ICM-220CGY Automatic Ice Cream machine is very easy and efficient to use. To make some ice cream all you have to do is set up the machine, add your ingredients, switch on the device and press start. This high-capacity machine makes two quarters of your favorite dessert – ice cream, gelato, yogurt or sorbet. This makes it ideal for entertaining or enjoying a little extra all to yourself.

This ice cream maker offer premium functions and features, some of which are not available in some of your more budget models. Some of the machines impressive functions are:

  • Powerful compressor freezer that does not require pre-freezing of the bowl
  • A built-in audible timer
  • Extended cooling function which prevents mixture from melting
  • Motor protection function which shuts off the machine to prevent it from over freezing the mixture and avoid damage to the motor

Whynter Ice Cream Maker – Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Whynter have produced an easy to use ice cream maker that won’t leave you confused. An in-built self timer will ensure you don’t over freeze your mixture, it will simply go into its cooling mode meaning the consistency and flavor of the ice cream will be preserved.

Once you have finished, cleaning is easy with the removable mixing bowl and churn blade. These are better hand washed rather than putting them in the dishwasher.

The sleek soft touch LCD display makes it easy to use and you will consistently produce delicious ice cream every time.

Whynter Ice Cream Maker Controls

Essentially you have 4 buttons to choose from;

Power button – as the name suggests, this button is responsible for switching the machine on and off. Please note that if you press the button to turn the machine off, it will enter standby mode until you have unplugged the machine.

Menu button – this button allows you to choose which mode you would like to operate your ice cream maker. Choose from ice cream mode, yogurt mode, cooling only mode and mixing only mode.

Start/Pause button – once you have selected your chosen mode, press this button to start the dessert making process. If you need to pause the process at any stage, press the button again.

Timer buttons (+/-) – you can choose between 5-60 minutes of operation time. The timer buttons increase or decrease in 1 minute increments.  

Whynter ICM-220CGY Automatic Ice Cream Maker Troubleshooting Tips

Whilst this ice cream maker is highly related for its usability and durability, you may encounter a problem along the way. Remember many common ice cream maker issues can be easily resolved. Here are some of the common problems and how to get your ice cream maker back up and running again.

  1. Churner blade has stopped working
    – Firstly check your mixture – it might be too hard. Turn off the ice cream maker and wait for the mixture to soften before switching back on again.
    – Your machine could also be in yogurt mode in which case you need to switch to cooling or mixing mode.
  2. Your mixture is not freezing
    – Ensure the room temperature is appropriate (ideally below 90F (32C) and above 60F (16C)).
    – Ensure you haven’t made too much mixture – you mixture should not go over the top dasher of the churn blade.
  3. Ice cream is too icy
    – Usually this is because there is either too much water in the mixture, a low fat option is being made or the sugar has not dissolved into the mixture
    – To avoid this – use whole milk, ensure the sugar is well dissolved
  4. Ice cream is not firm enough
    – If your ingredients were warm or at room temperature you may encounter this problem so ensure you have refridgerated your mixture first
    – If you opened the lid on numerous occasions, this can alter the freezing process. Try to limit how many times you open the lid.
    – The freezing bowl may have a thick coating of ice on the walls of the bowl. In this case ensure you have completely dried the bowl after washing before you place it back in the ice cream maker.

For more troubleshooting advice – check the Whynter Ice Cream Maker User Manual

The Verdict on the Whynter ICM-220CGY Automatic Ice Cream Maker

It is no wonder this profressional ice cream machine is an Amazon Top Pick. It’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for making ice cream at home as well as being a solid option for use in cafes, restaurants and other hospitality venues.

It’s durability and advanced functionality makes it easy to use and an overall crowd pleaser. Create a variety of delicious desserts from ice cream, gelato, sorbet and yogurt.

Here is what other top reviewers have to say about this machine.

“The Best Ice Cream Maker” YourBestdigs

“Your best bet for making consistent great ice cream at home “–Wirecutter

“Good to go out of the box…parlour style richness under anhour.” –Racheal Ray Every Day

“Tested almost every ice cream on the market- this one the best “Realsimple

So here you go. We hope you have now a fairly good idea as to what you are looking for in a professional ice cream machine. We promise you, the Whynter ICM-220CGY Automatic Ice Cream Maker will not disappoint you and will be a valuable addition to your home.