Top 4 Best Commercial Ice Cream Machines


Every small café, restaurant, pastry shop and convenience store can add value to their business by investing in the best commercial ice cream machine on the market. Why would small business owners do this? The real question is, WHY NOT?

Ice cream is a popular choice amongst young and old because of its soft, smooth and delicious taste. Ice cream shops, cafes and restaurants have alot to gain from a commercial ice cream maker. You can make larger quantities to delight your growing number of customers and you may even draw a crowd because people love to watch how these ice cream machines operates.

Hence, if you own a small food business, expand your revenue stream by investing in an industrial ice cream making machine. However, you need to choose the best one on the market to ensure the machine you choose fits exactly what you need.

To ensure that you have to do minimal work in deciding, we bring 4 of the best commercial ice cream machine options to choose from. Scroll down and take your pick!

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Spaceman 6210 Countertop Commercial Ice Cream Machine

spaceman commercial ice cream machine

Spaceman brings a very competent countertop commercial ice cream machine for all small food business owners out there. This soft-serve ice cream machine is compact, so it can fit nicely onto your counter. The 8-liter commercial ice cream maker has a sleek build; therefore, you can also flaunt this machine to add some appeal to your business place. It can continually produce ice cream for your visitors, which makes this a perfect purchase.

CompactLow volume
Easy to cleanSingle flavor
Freezes fast
Continuous Production
Not expensive


Spaceman’s commercial ice cream machine is a wonderful creation for small scale businesses and buffet services as its 8 liters can deliver delicious soft-serve frozen dessert to a minimal audience.

Vinmax Commercial Ice Cream Machine

Of all the industrial ice cream making machines in the market, this one has got to be the most vibrant option available. While competitors feature a sleek silver structure, Vinmax brings people a funky commercial ice cream machine. This one might be expensive, but its microcomputer controls, LED display, 3 flavor chutes and comprehensive adaptation features make it all worth it.

Freezes fastLow volume
3 flavorExpensive
Microcomputer controls
LED display
Easy to clean
Beautiful, professional appearance


One of the best commercial ice cream machine options in the market, the 7.2-liter compact countertop frozen dessert machine by Vinmax, surely beats substitutes because of its latest technology and exciting look.

VEVOR Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine

Vevor’s best commercial ice cream machine is really here to win the game with its robust functionality and huge capacity. This ice cream machine adopts powerful compressors, LCD panel design, two single flavors, and one mix flavor chute, and many other features to create delicious and yummy ice creams, yogurts, sorbets, and other frozen desserts.

High-quality compressorThe vertical structure takes more space
One-click cleaningVery expensive
Fast freeze
External cone holder
Huge capacity
4 universal rolling caster wheels for portability
3 flavor chute


This industrial ice cream making machine might seem expensive at first, but it tends to prove its worth over time. If you are looking for a stable and long-lasting ice cream maker, this machine might be your best bet.

YUCHENGTECH Commercial Ice Cream Machine

This ice cream maker is probably the most expensive option on the market but is perfect for all cafes, milk-tea stores, dessert shops, restaurants, fruit juice bars, bakeries, and more. It features a vibrant structure that houses advanced features that allow the user to create abundant frozen desserts. This commercial ice cream maker’s features also help you save time and money by cutting overhead costs.

Super large capacity via a double storage tankVery Expensive
Saves time
Adjustable three flavor chutes
Easy to clean
Durable and high-quality stainless steel structure
Superheat dissipation system
Energy saving
Temperature control
High-quality handle


Fulfill a variety of your frozen dessert needs with this ice cream maker that serves the right balance between updated system and cost-saving features. This best commercial ice cream machine brings you a large capacity to meet all your commercial dessert business needs.