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Ice Cream Makers for Home

Whipping out a home ice cream maker to make your own delicious ice cream is as sweet as it gets! Whether you want to beat the scorching summer heat in the comfort of your home or simply like experimenting with different flavors, purchasing an ice cream machine will give you all you need to quell your cravings.  

With home ice cream makers, you’re not limited to just ice cream since many machines available can make soft serve or even gelato. You also get to control the ingredient quality and experiment with different recipes. 

Why Everyone Should Own an Ice Cream Maker

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Top 8 Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers for Home

Walking into a store and buying yourself some packed gelato or creating customized ice creams using the best soft serve ice cream maker – what sounds more entertaining? Obviously, the latter! That’s because having an ice cream machine in your kitchen opens doors to so many fun possibilities: Instead of

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Commonly Asked Home Ice Cream Making Questions

Which frozen treats can be made with home ice cream makers?

While the primary purchasing purpose for an ice cream maker is to make ice cream, many models can make other cold treats like gelato, soft serve, and frozen yogurt.

What is the difference between ice cream, gelato, soft serve, and frozen yogurt?

Ice cream, gelato, soft serve, and frozen yogurt are all delicious cold treat options! However, each one is made from different ingredients.

Ice cream contains the most cream out of the four, has a fluffier texture because of its air content, and contains a minimum of 10% milkfat.

Gelato is extremely dense, made from cream and sugar, and has a strong flavor. However, it contains much less fat and sugar than regular ice cream.

Soft serve contains less milk fat than regular ice cream and has a creamier texture due to its freezing process.

Frozen yogurt contains no cream but usually uses more sugar to eliminate its tart flavor.

What different cold dessert makers are available for home use?

It’s possible to enjoy homemade cold desserts no matter your budget. There are many different cold dessert makers available on the market, so you can pick one that fits your skills and desired price tag. The most common ice cream makers for home use include:

  • Old Fashioned Ice and Salt Machines.
  • Freezer Bowls
  • Frozen-Fruit Dessert Makers
  • Mid-Tier Machines
  • Compressor Ice Cream Makers
  • High-End Machines with Different Functions

Which functions should an ice cream machine have?

Different ice cream machines all have features that make them unique. When deciding which ice cream makers for home use would be best to purchase, consider these features:

  • Control buttons to make different types of frozen desserts.
  • Functionality to mix in additional ingredients like cookies, chunks of fruit, or nuts.
  • Automation that eliminates the need for ice, rock salt, and hand churning.
  • A hole in the lid for easily adding in extra ingredients.
  • Self-cooling feature in case of frequent ice cream making or big events.

Which functions should an exclusive soft serve machine have?

When purchasing a soft-serve ice cream maker for home use, you should decide which would suit your needs best between:

  • A countertop and floor standing machine;
  • A single or twin flavor machine;
  • An air- or water-cooled machine;
  • A gravity or pump fed machine; and
  • A self-pasturing or manual cleaning machine.

Can the same machine be used for ice cream and gelato?

Ice cream makers can make a bunch of cold treats. Even when they aren’t sold as gelato makers for home use, your ice cream machine can most likely make gelato. Besides using the ingredients differently, following different steps and cooling your mix to the right temperature will serve a light yet a dense burst of flavor.