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Vevor Soft Serve Commercial Ice Cream Machine Review

Who doesn’t love the taste of delicious ice cream especially on a hot summers day! With Summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to consider buying a commercial ice cream maker for your cafe, restaurant or ice cream parlor! Adding this option to your business can provide valuable returns even after just one summer season. It is important to invest in high quality equipment to ensure the machine will last the distance and to make sure you are getting value for money.

One commerical ice cream making machine that stands out from its competitors is the Vevor Soft Serve Commercial Ice Cream machine. According to Amazon reviews, this machine has rated highly for quality, ease of use, easy to clean and value for money. 

In this article we will discuss the features and characteristics of the Vevor soft serve ice cream machine and why it could be a great addition to your business.

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Vevor Soft Serve Commercial Ice Cream Maker

Built to Last

This Vevor soft serve commercial ice cream machine is made of stainless steel, elevated radiator and  with pre-cooling features.

It is also equipped with built in stainless steel ice cream tubes. Businesses love this machine because it offers a variety of flavors for their customers. It can produce three ice cream flavours for a range of tastes, including two single flavours and one mixed flavour.

Easy to Use

This Vevor ice cream maker to easy to use and includes a digital screen on the front of the machine which shows features such as time, heat, consistency and volume of ice cream. You can regulate freely according to various tastes. In addition, one-click cleaning allows for fast and automated machine washing so you don’t need to spend copious amounts of time at the end of the day cleaning the machine.

Some important features of the machine are given below :

External Holder for Cone

The revamped cone holder is mounted outside the unit rather than the previous built-in cone keeper. This means that the ice cream cones are not instantly dampened and the cone flavour can be preserved. This will keep your customers happy because nobody likes a soggy ice cream cone! 

Function of Pre-cooling

It is possible to pre-cool the components in the Vevor commercial ice cream machine so that the ice cream can be easily created after setup. The role of night-time storage lowers the maintenance rate which is energy efficient meaning it will keep your operation costs low.

Perfect fit for any business

Vevor soft serve ice cream machine is widely used in hotels, cafes, snack shops, malls and fast food shops. The great thing about this machine is its ability to produce soft ice cream, yogurt or sorbet. The versatility of the machine ensures it will be a great fit for whatever business you own. You can stick to your favorite type of ice cream or yogurt or you can offer plenty of variety or ‘weekly specials’ which will keep your customers coming back for more! Just check the measurements to ensure you have enough space for the machine.


This Vevor soft serve ice cream machine consists of effective functions such as:

  • Dual air compressor built of metal frame
  • Stylish outer body that will look good in any shop front
  • Flexible, high quality air compressor with full copper centre, with fast cooling,
  • LED Display to easily adjust settings
  • Low noise levels so as not to disturb the ambience of your shop front.


The Vevor soft serve ice cream machine is a great addition to any store due to its versatility. It makes 3 ice cream flavors (2 single flavors and 1 mixed flavor) which your customers will enjoy! The possibilities are endless – you can choose to stick to the favorite flavors or you can introduce weekly flavor specials which will keep your customers interested and coming back for more.

To keep things interesting, you can also add your favorite food during the mixing process. Crowd favorites include cookies and cream, chocolate chips or fresh berries!

You can also perfect the ice cream making process by regulating the amount and thickness of the ice cream so you can get the perfect serve every time. This is easily adjusted using the LED touch display.

Ease of Cleaning

Thankfully, the Vevor soft serve commercial ice cream machine has business owners covered with the ease of cleaning and maintenance of the machine. It is important to maintain high cleaning standards not only to ensure longetivity of the machine but also for hygiene.

The pre-cooling and one-click washing function keeps the ice cream machine sharp at night. Pour water into the chute when you need to clean the ice cream machine and press the button for the cleaning function to start. So simple and convenient!

Conclusion – The Verdict on the Vevor Soft Serve Commerical Ice Cream Maker

I think we can all agree that the ultimate goal for any business out there is value for money and excellent durability. The Vevor Soft Ice Cream Machine will be your best investment for your business if you are looking at serving delicious soft serve ice cream. With such useful features and versatile serving options, it adds great value to any hospitality business. All of this is wrapped up at a price that might seem expensive for a few, but it won’t be long before your investment pays off and your customers keep coming back for more!

Therefore if you’re looking for a good commercial ice cream maker then your best choice is Vevor soft serve ice cream machine. It really adds value to your money and business.