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Best Flavors to Create with an Ice Cream Maker

The availability of the ice cream maker for easy use in the home has given everyone a chance to experience this refreshing dessert any day and time.

Now that you are able to eat ice cream as you desire, you might have gotten tired of the plain old flavor that you have been making ever since you first bought the machine. It would be good to know that making other flavors is not really that complicated. As long as you have the required ingredients, you should be able to enjoy different flavors of ice cream in only a matter of minutes.

If you are after the most no fuss way of spicing up your plain ice cream, a handful of peanuts should do the trick. A bag of nuts should be easily purchased in your local store. Pick any kind that you desire, crush them up, and sprinkle it on top of the ice cream. If you want, you can even mix the nuts in.

A quick ice cream flavoring is the chocolate and strawberry sauces that are just topped on ice creams. However, these can become too tedious sometimes. Sometimes, our taste buds would desire something more. Be a little more different and try any kind of sauce in your kitchen. Use lemon sauce, apple sauce, caramel, sauce, honey, and a variety of other sauces.

Banana splits seem to intimidate some people into making one in their own kitchens. Little do they know that this scrumptious dessert is very easy to make. Slice a banana in two lengthwise and arrange it in a dish. Top the arrangement with a couple of scoops of ice cream. Then squirt some cream on top of it along with a drizzle of sauce and peanuts.

Ice cream mixed with vanilla and coconut flakes are not only appealing to the eyes; they are also appealing to the taste buds. Cut up some strawberries and mix it in the mixer with vanilla ice cream. After a minutes, mix in some coconut. Allow them to churn inside the machine. This flavor will taste much better when placed inside chocolate éclairs.

If you want a sophisticated ice cream flavor to impress guests, try ice cream mixed with marshmallow, chocolate, and honey. Mix in mini marshmallows and a few drizzles of honey onto vanilla ice cream. To give it a more appealing look, garnish it with a sprig of mint.

Peanut butter and jelly is not only for sandwiches; it also makes for a very tasty ice cream flavor. Add a few spoons of both peanut butter and your favorite jelly in vanilla ice cream and gently mix slowly. Serve it with wafers and chopped nuts on top.

Rum and raisin ice cream is one ice cream flavor that you should consider tasting. Soak a handful or raisins in rum overnight. The following day, pour in the mixture into vanilla ice cream. The amount of rum that you pour in will depend on your preference. This ice cream flavor is definitely only for adults!

Get your ice cream maker and get started in making these flavors now! Check out our latest recipes for more inspiration!