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Immergood Ice Cream Maker Review


Immergood Ice Cream Maker provides you with an affordable way to make creamy, thick, and delicious ice cream at home. Considered as one of the best hand ice cream makers on the market today, Immergood features an old-fashioned way of making ice cream using the power of your muscles! It is a hand-crank ice cream maker that creates fun activities for both families and friends.

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Immergood makes quality ice cream and it’s easy to use in any household. This ice cream maker is made of quality hardware materials that are long-lasting and can be passed to generations.

It features rust-proof stainless steel with durable hardware for ultimate longevity. With this unit, you can make up to 6 quarts of amazing ice cream with the power of your hands. It offers you a unique triple action dasher that allows a kneading process of your ice cream to achieve the best texture you can imagine.

This unit comes with a single-piece insulated poly tub to ensure your water never leaks. The insulated tub produces the ideal temperatures for holding your ice cream for long periods without melting. This means you can enjoy your ice cream during your BBQ lunch or hot summer picnics without worrying about bringing a freezer with you.  Immergood ice cream maker is also ideal for outdoor activities including camping or picnics.

This hand-crank ice cream maker comes in a medium weight, making it easy to pack up with your other kitchen appliances. It takes little counter space so you never have to worry about a larger shelf space.

Key Features of the Immergood Ice Cream Maker

Size and Carrying Capacity

Immergood ice cream maker comes in a standard 6 quarts capacity. It is large enough to serve at least 8 people at a go and is ideal for making ice cream during parties or outdoor fun. You can also pass it around for fun so your family and friends can help you crank out some more ice cream. It is lightweight so kids can easily use it.

Ease of Use

This ice cream maker is extremely easy to operate. It takes the shortest time possible to produce ice cream with a delightful taste and texture. It takes about 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the amount of ice cream that you require. It is also easy to clean and maintain after producing your ice cream. It comes with round edges making it easier to wash out the dairy products that are usually hard to clean.


This manual ice cream maker is quite costly, ranging from about $435 without shipping cost. It is a sophisticated brand worth every penny. It guarantees high performance, efficiency, and other wonderful features that allow you to enjoy this product for years to come. Compared to other brands, you might find cheaper ice cream makers but note that sometimes-cheap brands lack quality.

3 years Warranty 

Immergood ice cream maker is designed with functional and durable materials. You can trust it to serve you a long time. This crank ice cream maker comes with gears, a bucket, a canister, and a dasher. It also has a hand crank, an electric motor, and a canister lid. Immergood gives you a 3-year warranty to assure you that the product matches its hype. It offers you value for money with a guarantee that if your product breaks, you can get free replacement of parts or repair for your unit.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Dairy products such as milk and heavy cream mixed with sugar or other organic ingredients create a conducive environment for breeding bacteria. In most cases, if you don’t clean your ice cream maker properly, you don’t only risk food poisoning, but also other serious health complications.

To avoid extreme situations, make sure you always clean your ice cream maker after use. Wash all parts with soap and water to remove all stubborn residues.

Material of Construction

Immergood ice cream maker is guaranteed to be made of sturdy and durable materials. The canister, electric motor, and hand-crank are heavy-duty and built for functionality. It’s made of stainless steel to withstand the hard work and give amazing results.  

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How To Use A Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker?

At first glance, you might think Immergood is hard to use. But this model can even be used by kids. Here is a simple way to use your unit:

  1. Use your favorite ingredients to make a flavorful mixture. Mix it thoroughly and let the solution sit for a couple of minutes.
  2. Add ice cubes into the stainless steel bucket and sprinkle rock salt generously. This process enables your canister to sit strategically in the center while churning it. The rock salt slows down the melting process and gives your ice cubes more time to complete their task.
  3. Add your cool ice cream mixture to the canister. Be careful with the ice cubes. Make sure none of them gets into the canister or you risk destroying the mixture.
  4. Cover the canister with the lid and start cranking. Keep going until you achieve the consistency and texture you desire. You can pass it around to friends, family, or children to crank in turns. Depending on the amount and ingredients, your ice cream should be done in 30 to 45 minutes.  

Advantages of Using the Immergood Ice Cream Maker

  • Makes up to 6 quarts of ice cream
  • It’s functional, practical, and easy to operate
  • It comes with a clear lid allowing you to see your mixture as you crank
  • It has stainless steel gears that are durable and never rusts
  • You get stainless steel canister that holds your ice cream while cranking


  • It can be tiresome to crank by yourself for 45 minutes straight

Performance Comparison

By now, we have established that Immergood ice cream maker is a great product with amazing features. But there are other similar products in the market that might interest you for comparison. Check out two of the other products that come close to this manual ice cream maker.

Elite Gourmet EIM-924L 

The Elite Gourmet is also a good ice cream maker alternative. It is an old-fashioned electric ice cream maker, with a powerful 90-rpm motor. It features a heavy-duty 4 Quarts aluminum canister that serves your family conveniently. If you find hand-cranking too tedious, then this could be your best option. This model can help you easily recreate your ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and gelato in your backyard. The motor churns the ice cream slowly to produce smooth and soft textured ice cream. You can also add fruits and other toppings safely and wait for the results. Overall, you get a pinewood bucket large enough to hold the ice and rock salt while maintaining the optimal 10°F temperature.



AMERIHOME is another great alternative to Immergood ice cream maker. It comes with a 6 quarts stainless steel canister that serves your family comfortably. It’s perfect for summertime BBQs, picnics, and parties. It creates amazing ice cream with rich texture in just 30 minutes. This ice cream maker allows you to use either the manual option or the electric option.

The electric motor serves you well when you need to churn ice cream quickly especially when you host a lunch or dinner with the family. The manual version allows you to bring this unit during your outdoor trips and pass it around for people to help to crank. Both the electric and manual versions are swift to produce amazing ice cream.

You also don’t need to place your ice cream mixture into the freezer before transferring to this model. You can mix the ingredients and add them to the canister directly. This saves time and allows you to make more ice cream in a short time. You are free to mix different ingredients with your favorite toppings.

After mixing the ingredients, pour it into the canister and seal tight using the lid. Add ice cubes and rock salt to the pine tub and start cranking if you’re using your hands or turn on the motor for about 30 minutes.

Final Verdict – Immergood Ice Cream Maker Review

Immergood ice cream maker is a functional manual ice cream maker with a good record of accomplishment. It features a 6 quarts heavy-duty aluminum canister with powerful gears and hand mixer. This allows you to crank up your ice cream in less than 30 minutes.

It is fast, convenient, and practical for making ice cream for a crowd quickly. You can pass it around to family and friends to help you crank the mixture. The results are smooth, rich soft ice cream that your guest will enjoy.

This unit is made of heavy-duty materials which guarantee its durability. The paddle is powerful enough to crash through chocolate chips, cookies, fruits, and other yummy toppings you want. Make sure to always cover the ice cream mixture tightly to avoid the ice cubes from ruining it. After you’re done, make sure you clean the canister thoroughly to prevent bacteria from getting a conducive breeding ground.

Overall, Immergood is an amazing manual ice cream maker that gives you real value for your money. Grab your own unit and be ready to serve your guests with delightful homemade ice cream recipes without a hassle.

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