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Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker – Buyers Guide


During summer, family and friends come together for parties, lunches, and BBQs. The highlight of those hot afternoons is always a sweet, cold treat—like a scoop or two of yummy ice cream. Homemade ice creams are amazing and rich in different flavors, colors, and toppings. A people-pleasing dessert that wins you more points with the crowd – the same reason why the Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker is perfect for you!

To make everyone happy, I recommend the Elite Gourmet ice cream maker since it is large enough to make ice cream for everyone. You can also choose to hand crank or use the electric paddle when in a hurry. With the electric paddle, you can make ice cream in the first 15-20 minutes and serve everyone. For the manual part, you can use it outdoors to get a thicker and creamier texture.

The Elite Gourmet electric ice cream maker features a 6-quart heavy-duty aluminum canister, a powerful 90 rpm motor, and an electric paddle. That way you make your ice cream fast, easy, and conveniently. The motor whirls the six-fin paddle fast, producing a smooth, soft, and rich textured ice cream.

Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker – Key Features 

6-Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker

Elite Gourmet  comes in a 6-quart capacity ice cream maker. It is perfect to feed everyone during a party, big events, snack time, picnics, and barbeques. It measures 23 x 13 x 13 inches and weighs about 16 pounds.  If you have limited counter space or storage, you’ll love this model. It comes in a cylindrical shape giving it a smaller footprint.

Quick & Easy to Use

Elite Gourmet ice cream makers use the ice and rock salt method to freeze the cream. You don’t need to pre-freeze the bowl for hours before you start using it. The machine has a straightforward design and features make it easy to use.

Aside from using the electric motor, you can also use the Elite Gourmet as a manual ice cream maker or a hand crank ice cream maker during your outdoor activities. When using the machine on the electric mode, you can expect to have your ice cream in 15 to 20 minutes. If you choose to use it the old-fashioned way, expect to churn for about 30 to 45 minutes. It can be a bit tiresome but the tasty, and creamy dessert is worth the arm cramp.

To get started, you’ll need to pour your mixed ingredients into the metal canister. Shut it tight with a lead before you start churning to avoid leaking. Then fill in layers of ice and rock salt into the large bucket.

Start churning as soon as you add your ice and rock salt to avoid the mixture freezing before it’s ready. Make sure your mixing paddle is submerged completely and hooked to the motor to work properly. This will prevent air bubbles in your ice cream that turn into icy balls that tamper with the ice cream.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

This ice cream maker comes in a solid pine exterior with a clean maple finish. It has a handsome quaint label and smart chrome branding that fits in well with other kitchen appliances.

You have the option of using the electric motor or hand crank to make your ice cream. The electric motor whispers quiet and fast. You can make ice cream for all your family and guests during your party quickly. Thanks to the 6-quart canister, your guest can enjoy the dessert without waiting forever.

If you decide to use the manual process, it might take you longer to make ice cream but the texture is richer. When tired you can ask your family and friends to help you churn making it a fun activity. Using this one as a manual ice cream maker is easy and fun that even kids can help.

You can also add fruits, cookies, candy, sprinkles, and other toppings you desire. The finished product will be soft and yummy like those high-end restaurant desserts. If you prefer a harder texture, you can put your ice cream in a freezer for a few hours or days to reach your desired taste.

In case your ice cream maker breaks or develops issues, you can easily contact their customer support team and they will respond in less than 24 hours. You get a one-year warranty that guarantees help if your ice cream maker isn’t working properly.

Optimal Temperatures for the Best Ice Cream

This ice cream maker has an aluminum-mixing canister that keeps your mixture at the right temperatures during the churning process. That way, after you finish mixing the ingredients, the desert freezes in the shortest time possible.

It is equally efficient at creating frozen treats such as sorbet, frozen yogurt, and gelato with ease. The ice and rock salt combination keeps the mixture below 10°F to maintain the smooth, rich, and thick consistency. You can start with the electric mode then complete the process manually for excellent results.

Clean Up is Easy

All ice cream makers need to be washed thoroughly after you are done. This model is designed to make our cleaning work easier. It comes with a removable aluminum canister that is easy to wash with warm and soapy water. You can also place it in a dishwasher safely. For the exterior bucket, you can wipe it with a damp cloth but read the instructions to protect the pinecone finish.

Lots of Ice Cream Recipes to Try!

This model allows you to try out exciting recipes with your own twist. You can try out your recipes, buy recipe books, or search online for creative ways to make creamy and delicious ice cream. That way you can control the ingredients and get rid of the additives or preservatives like the store-bought ones. 

Performance Comparison – Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker

In this section, we cover other similar ice cream makers to help you compare with other top ice and rock salt machines.

Nostalgia Electric Maker

Nostalgia electric ice cream maker offers you a fast and easy way to make your dessert. This model comes with a 4-quart aluminum canister, locking motor mount, and an easy-to-clean plastic bucket. All you need is simply add your mixture into your aluminum canister, lock tightly, place into the middle of the bucket, cover it with rock salt and ice then start your electric motor. After 30 minutes, your dessert is ready. You can also store your ice cream in the freezer with an aluminum canister.

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Maxi-Matic EIM-1400R

Maxi-Matic EIM-1400R  is a smaller version of the ice and rock salt model. If you’re only looking for a smaller ice cream maker, the Americana is perfect for you. It features a 1.5-quart freeze bowl and a powerful electric motor allowing you to make your dessert fast. It serves a small family or an individual. You can also use it while hosting family and guests but it will take longer to serve everyone. The ice cream maker is easy to wipe out or clean in a dishwasher. If you desire, you can also transfer the ice cream into a plastic container, seal shut, and place it in a freezer for better results.

Elite Gourmet Pros and Cons


  • It has a large capacity of 6-quart
  • It only takes a few steps to start churning your ice cream
  • It is a convenient way to make ice cream both indoors and outdoors
  • It can serve a large crowd in the shortest time possible
  • It operates quietly during the whole process
  • It has a one year warranty


  • The pinewood bucket leaks when the ice starts to melt

Value of Using a Salt and Ice Machine

If you had your grandparents around, you might have enjoyed visiting their house for the delicious desserts they had ready for their grandkids. If not, I’m sure in elementary school, you did a science experiment making your ice cream using ice and rock salt and a plastic bag.

Oh, how that brings back sweet memories…  

This machine brings back those nostalgic experiences to your kitchen. Elite Gourmet can be used manually or automatically. You can hand crank your ice cream manually or ask others to help during the process.

The manual process can only be fun during a gathering and others offer to help. Adults and kids can churn and pass around until you get the results you need. If you choose this option, be ready for sore arms after the process.

While the manual process is fun, the automatic option is fast and convenient. For the electric mode, you simply add your ingredients, rock salt, and ice into the ice cream maker. Then you turn the machine and go entertain your guests as your dessert churns quietly. After it’s done, the motor will turn off but your ice cream remains at optimal temperatures.

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Our Verdict – Elite Gourmet Ice Cream Maker

The Elite Gourmet ice cream maker is perfect to use with its electric motor or just as a hand crank ice cream maker. It comes with a classical appearance with a clean pine finish exterior and has a bucket that is large enough to hold a 6-quart canister, rock salt, and ice cubes. It blends in well with other appliances in your kitchen and doesn’t take much storage space. It has a small footprint allowing you to place it on your counter without crowding out your space.

You can now make amazing desserts for your family and friends during the summer. Thanks to its large capacity, you’ll only make a few batches and satisfy your guests during family gatherings, picnics, and parties. It has that old-fashioned vibe and helps you make creamy and fluffy ice cream. You can always count on the Elite Gourmet ice cream maker to help you shine when you’re entertaining at home.